Saturday, October 27, 2018

Arches and Bryce Canyon!

Got up early and drove through Arches, which is pretty breathtaking in the morning. It has a very prehistoric feel with all these giant rock formations. We watched the sunrise and took a bunch of pics then made our way west to Bryce Canyon. Our route took us through some amazing territory. Open farmlands, tiny towns, winding roads surrounded by rocks and beautiful yellow trees. Pretty amazing. Bryce Canyon has a ton of pointed rocks in the canyons that point up like spikes. Lots of areas along the main road to take pics. Then we headed toward Virgin, Utah to our camper Airbnb but we had to drive through Zion National Park first. IT IS SO FUCKING COOL. You're on these narrow, super clean roads that zig zag through the mountains. It's very surreal and very colorful. We got to our camper in the middle of open flatlands in Utah and made dinner and had beers by the fire. Not bad at all!

Friday, October 26, 2018


Today we got up early and drove into Utah and went to Canyonlands National Park! It feels so different from Rocky Mountain. It's so spread out and feels flat until you come around these corners and see gigantic canyons stretching for miles! Off the main road you can go on a bunch of hikes and find some pretty high spots with great views. We ended the day at nearby Dead Horse State Park to watch the sunset. Then to Moab for the night where we found a food truck park and met a super cute dog :)

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