Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day! Another hot one. I attempted to run this morning which was a dumb idea, then watched a few hours of Band of Brothers, and then coffee with Kelly, and finally a viewing of the original Alien with some friends at Upstairs Gallery. SO FUN. I forgot how great that movie is.

I should mention 3 people today. My grandfather Rex Williams was a PT boat captain during World War II. His brother Dale was a fighter pilot and flew a p-38 and p-51 in over 60 missions. My other grandfather Joe Kern fought in the Korean War. Pretty crazy and lucky that they survived all that. RIP to Rex (Daddad to me) and my great uncle Dale. My mom's dad, Joe (Poppee to me) is still tickin. So a huge thank you to all 3 of them :)

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