Sunday, August 26, 2012

Art Institute!! It's been so long. My buddy Jason was in town so we took a look at some art. I noticed a few paintings I hadn't before. Below are some of my faves...
Jacques-Antoine Volaire "the Eruption of Vesuvius" 1771
Joseph Mallord William Turner "fishing boats with Hucksters Bargaining" 1837-8
Hubert Robert "The Old Temple" 1787-88

Jules-Adolphe Breton "The Song of the Lark" 1884
Harold Sohlberg "Fisherman's Cottage" 1906

Jane Dickson "Woman on the Stairs"

Frederic Remington
American, 1861-1909
The Advance-Guard, or The Military Sacrifice (The Ambush), 1890
 Alexander Phimister Proctor
American (born Canada), 1862-1950
On the War Trail, Modeled in 1921; cast after 1921

Attributed to Charles A. Baudouine
American, 1808-1895
Sofa, 1849/54

Childe Hassam "New York Street" 1902
Antonio Mancini "Resting"
Jean-Louis Forain "Tightrope Walker"
Sculpture Court

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