Monday, October 08, 2012

My room. It's actually backwards in this picture because it's through the mirror. Anywayyyyys, I really love it. This sounds strange but I've never been totally comfortable in my bedroom until now. Probably because it's kind of my tiny apartment since everything I own now is in this room. I'm used to having an entire apartment with my stuff. But I like it much better this way. My 2 prized possessions (besides my TV) are my green chair that belonged to my grandparents and then my dresser that belonged to Fernando. They're real pieces of furniture and not from Target or Walmart. I also have my TV set up and connected to Netflix streaming. I also have the computer hooked up to the big screen tv in the living room. I thought I would die without cable but it turns out it's pretty great. I've finished all of Breaking Bad, Damages, and Portlandia. I just started Sherlock today, which I love. But there are only 6 episodes to watch. Please leave a comment if you have any other suggestions of TV shows. Or movies!! Also, my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blah blah blah are all under my profile picture on the right. In case you want to be annoyed by more details about my life or to contact me to let me know that you're bored by details about my life.

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