Monday, November 19, 2012

For each job I've had in Chicago, I have a system for my commute every weekday. For the Italian Village, it was the red line from Belmont to Monroe. For Citadel Investment Group, it was the red line from Addison to Monroe. Patsystems was the 145 bus from Addison to Van Buren. And now for Brokers' Risk, it's the red line from Sheridan to Belmont and then the purple line (so I can have a seat) to Merchandise Mart so I can walk through the building and get coffee and then take a nice stroll over the river. My system going home now is always the last car of the purple line so I can find a seat OR the brown line so I can definitely have one of those coveted single seats next to the window. I wonder if everyone else has their own system too???

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