Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Went to Steppenwolf tonight to see The Motherfucker With The Hat. (Yes, that is the title). It was pretty amazing. The set changes alone were unreal. Floors flipping over to reveal new couches or kitchens turning in a circle to reveal a living room in a different apartment. Long story short - a guy recently let out of jail and currently sober thinks his girlfriend is cheating on him. He comes off across as a new man at the start of the play but then you get to see his old self. John Ortiz, the lead had these amazing and intense monologues. Hard to imagine how he does that 6 nights a week. Jimmy Smits also stars and is someone I never would think to see on stage but his presence is really intimidating. I would highly recommend it but the run ends Sunday. In case it shows up in another theater or back in New York, then yes I do highly recommend it.

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