Saturday, July 06, 2013


Day 4 - we grabbed breakfast at a much cheaper diner in the west village and then on to Soho again to do some street shopping. We caught  train up to the Guggenheim, which was a WASTE. $22 and I saw a few pieces of art, of which 2 or 3 I liked. The building is a huge waste of space since you walk in circles and see nothing. Anyways, we walked across the park to the upper west side and grabbed some yummy pizza from Ray's or Original Ray's or Ray's Original. then some resting time before heading to Midtown for dinner and the village for some bar hopping. And lastly back to the hotel rooftop bar. I decided to stop at Duane Reade before I went back to the hotel and I saw Bradley Whitford!! I never ask for pics but thought I would give it a shot until the guy in front of me asked. Oh well. At least I got a sneaky pic.

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