Friday, August 23, 2013

Hiking and Horses

Woke up to cool temps and a great breakfast this morning. My dad and I stayed at The Nature Place, it's basically right in the middle of the summer camp property and mostly used for retreats and conferences. I love that the cabins have no TV. Our breakfast is almost exactly the same as when I was there from 92-95. Afterwards, I went on a hike by myself up to A Bluff and then Top of the World. Actual locations but named by the camp. That afternoon, I went horseback riding and rode a horse named Wilbur (no joke, see the list below). He was slow until we started to trot. And I almost fell off. Ahhhh, memories of horseback riding trips. That night, we had a huge buffet dinner and drinks and then some dancing and more drinking at The Nature Place. I didn't do much of either since I was pooped and even went to bed before my dad. Vacation!! PS - see if you can find the insect in the picture of the ground and the bird in the pic of the tree. Also, the couple holding hands are Al and Terry. they met at Sanborn Camps as wranglers in the 70s and got married. My summer camp has produced 66 weddings!! And who knows how many kids.

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