Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I am still recovering from Sunday, obviously. I mean it's only been 2 days. I met Kelly for coffee and after walking a few blocks, I was so sleepy. I actually didn't drink any coffee and just water then went home and to bed at 10pm. Before I went to bed though I had a great conversation with a friend of a friend. I met him through my friend Laura when we went to NY. Turns out he's been sick for a couple years now from black mold, which I know I had a few years ago. It was terrible. I'm not sure if I talked much about it on my blog because I didn't want to sound super depressing. I felt sluggish and tired all the time. I mean all the time. It felt like I had no circulation and wasn't getting any blood flow to my head. I had dark circles under my eyes. It was scary. And doctors thought I was just depressed or imagining it. Luckily I moved out after a year and a half and oddly enough, it was the only apartment I've lived in here that had carpet. But after talking to Laura's friend, we definitely had the same symptoms. Glad I wasn't imagining things or going crazy. I highly recommend getting your place tested for black mold if you think you may be sick. It is NO fun.

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