Wednesday, January 29, 2014

7 Years Old

My blog is 7 years old today! Insane, right? What started as a project to post something every day for a few months has grown into my baby. (A big thank you to my friend Kerrie for starting it) Seriously, I get mad at myself for posting boring pictures or forgetting to post, or not writing enough in posts, not sharing enough personal stories, etc etc. But of all the projects/hobbies/loves in my life, excluding running, this is the only one I have discipline with. So thank you for reading and liking my pictures. Photography is something I stumbled into after moving here almost 10 years ago. I need to work on my website as well, you will hear about it as soon as it's done. This year will be a good one and filled with milestones - I'm turning 35, celebrating 10 years in Chicago, and running my 5th marathon. Couldn't ask for a better life or a better city to live in. Thanks for being so amazing, Chicago. Keep it up.

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