Monday, January 06, 2014

"What about your flight??....Cancelled!"

I was supposed fly back to Chicago today but my flight was cancelled. Apparently because of the tons of feet of snow and subzero temps, nobody is flying into Chicago. So I stayed an extra day which turned out to be a good day. My mom was more alert and her oxygen levels were really good. We think her fever may have broken too. This flu epidemic in Texas is insane. She has had the flu for about 2 weeks now but things are looking up and we're hopeful she'll be much better in the next few days. Carol and I have been spending about 12 hours a day in the room (well, Carol sleeps there at night too). But today we grabbed some Mexican food at Vivo and it was AMAZING. Then she drove me to my hotel. I just got a room at the Austin airport Hilton which was really nice and I watched some TV and fell asleep.

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