Saturday, March 01, 2014

Day 1

I woke up to a partly cloudy sky that just turned into rain the rest of the day. Stupid weather. And also woke up to a giant painting of Laura, by Laura, next to my bed. Anyways, we went to lunch at Off Vine, the most adorable little restaurant you've ever seen. It's actually in a little house. The food was pretty good and the waiters are pretty cute. We walked over to the Pantages Theater to see Book of Mormon, which was awesome. I had already seen it but Laura hadn't yet. And she loved it too. I forgot how raunchy it was, which made me love it all over again. We stopped by her house again and had some hot tub time! I wish I had pics but it was still raining and there was no dry place for my phone. Then we met Fernando for dinner at Speranza, which I recommend if you live in LA or find yourself there sometime soon. It's italian and they have handmade pasta as well! I had the fettucini with shrimp and tomato vodka sauce. YUM. Then off to a bar across the street for drinks and hang time.

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