Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Drake!!

Aaaahhhh!! 3 day weekend!! We really don't get any holidays and luckily my boss and the CEO are Catholic so we have Good Friday off. I had orinally planned to take a long weekend in San Francisco but I knew I'd be moving at the end of April and just didn't want to spend too much money right now. Soooo, I booked a room at The Drake Hotel! It was amazing. It was just one night but really fun. I loved that everything about the room was old school except the TV of course. I booked a king room with a lake view which is really the only way to go at the Drake. Did I mention the hotel is 94 years old? And the elevators are just as fancy as the rooms? They even have couches! I settled in and then wandered around the hotel for a bit. I enjoyed the free cable and ordered Papa John's (a burger through room service is $20). I was asleep by midnight but luckily the night went by super slow. It was great and just what I needed.

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