Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Workin.....9 to 5. Actually 8 to 4:15.

Ahhh, the commute home. One of my friends who used to drive a couple miles to work everyday, quit his job and worked downtown for a bit and commuted on the train like the rest of us. I remember he said "everyone looked dead, totally drained, and just sad." I told him I was so used to it by now. I've been commuting to work downtown on the train/bus for 10 years now. But I assured him the afternoon was a little better and Friday afternoons were like parties. I look forward to the train ride home, mostly because it makes me fall asleep, but also because I've spent a lot of time at work watching Bob's Burgers and Mad Men on my iPhone. Clearly, my workload is decreasing.

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