Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dummy (the show and me)

I haven't been to iO in a month or maybe longer. Since most of my nights are free lately, I decided to head over to see Dummy and their opener, American Standard. So many people I love on both teams. I have to say that the audience was pretty quiet at first and it took them a while to warm up. It happens sometimes but not too often in my experience. Both groups had great shows, very very patient and very very supportive. Uuuugh, makes me realize my problem lately on stage. I keep disagreeing! Such basic stuff. It's so much easier to just agree and build on it. I don't have any improv shows for another couple weeks and these less frequent shows are making me lazier on stage. So come to my show May 31 and feel free to slap me after if I don't "yes and" everything.

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