Monday, May 12, 2014

Let's Get Physical

This might be the least attractive picture of myself but I wanted to show people what 30 minutes of boot camp class looks like. 2 minutes of jumping and touching the wall, 2 minutes of running man (hands/feet on the ground and running motion while keeping hands on the ground, 2 minutes of jumping jacks, 2 minutes of suicides, repeat repeat repeat. In between - 100 jumping jacks with weights or 100 crunches. Soooo yeahhhh. Very intense. Except for one thing - the instructor. He did nothing. He sat there, watched the time on his tablet and spoke in the quietest voice ever. It's an hour class but I left after a half hour because I was getting nothing from that instructor and it was frustrating. I miss the bitchy teacher from Saturday mornings. I would never go back buuuuuut it is the best workout I've ever had (see pic below).

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