Thursday, May 15, 2014

New places

I finally made my way over to DryHop Brewers on Broadway. It is definitely the year of trying new places. I just counted and I've been to 18 new coffee shops/restaurants/bars. Went to the symphony, The Drake, and to see the Bulls. All firsts. New apartment. Lots of new stuff. i may try somewhere new this weekend as well. Any suggestions? Bars? Coffee? Donuts? Cupcakes? Burgers? Etc? Please comment with your favorite places! Also, DryHop is great. Really friendly bartenders. One introduced himself after hearing me mention Thomas Middleditch and Vanessa Bayer (2 former Chicago improvisers who are now on HBO/SNL). He used to take improv classes and remembered both of them. If you check out the beer list on the site, try the 93, has a grapefruity taste. I also had the fish tacos. Not too bad, a little sauce would've been nice though. One other complaint - the girls next to us were doing each other's makeup and leaving flyers for their makeup business on the bar. Not a complaint about the place, just a complaint about people in general.

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