Saturday, June 07, 2014

Hot Dogs. Hot Karl.

Saturday! My dad and I went to Hot Doug's. We got there at 10am since they open at 10:30. But everyone had the same idea and we still waited an hour and a half. So for anyone wanting to go before they close, get there EARLY. Like 9:30am early. I chilled out the rest of the day and then had my solo show at the Chicago Women's Funny Festival and it went great! The audience seemed to have a great time which always makes me happy and relaxed. I went to The Hot Karl after to see the penultimate show. Katie Rich was a guest performer too! It was a hilarious show and I'm excited to see the very last Hot Karl next Saturday. It's sad that it will be coming to a close. So many changes in our little improv world lately. Very exciting and a little scary.

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