Saturday, July 05, 2014

10 years!!

Technically, yesterday was my 10 year anniversary in Chicago but I'm celebrating today! I went running along the lake and then came back again to lay out for a bit. Then bought a TON of food for my get together. And I used a grill for the first time! I was scared because I was slightly afraid of maybe starting a huge fire. But I didn't. Success! It was a fun group of people and we celebrated in my patio area behind my apt building. The first person came at 4 and the last people left around 11 so it was an all night kinda thing. I met a couple new people too that a TX friend recommended I facebook friend. New friends that aren't improvisers is always a good thing. Thanks for 10 wonderful years Chicago! It has been a roller coaster of making friends, and watching many leave for LA or NYC, making teams and getting cut, and just plain old growing up. Can't wait to enjoy 10 more!

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