Friday, July 18, 2014

2nd to last

The 2nd to last night at 3541 N. Clark. I went to see and Meridian and decided to stay for Gold Star and Revolver. One of my favorite parts was one performer calling out another for being "snarky". I love it when that happens. I think one of these teams had their very last show. I'm not sure why they got cut and part of me always gets upset when I first hear that. But when the team has been around for years and years, it makes sense. It's just the natural cycle of things. You have to make room for the new people. I've been sentimental the last few days about the iO theater moving. Everyone has been sharing their stories, memories, pictures, etc. And regarding getting cut, iO helped me in a kind of odd way. I have wonderful memories of classes, friends, my team Roadster, and hundreds of shows but I did get cut from the schedule about 7 years ago and it devastated me. But, it also made me proactive and find new things outside of the theater - Williams & Martinez, 3 Playground teams, solo sketch, and even photography in a way. I was cut from the theater but I kept coming to shows and randomly started taking pictures, like these..... (iO teams, Meridian, Gold Star, and finally Revolver)

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