Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Closing time

A wonderful and memorable evening at iO tonight. Cook County Social Club came back in town for a few shows at the theater. So, after about 20 years iO is moving to a new location. It's sad for everyone. I mean, it's exciting to see a new home for the theater but it always seems to have a bit more of a corporate feel. After hanging out at the current theater for 10 years, it's tough. I have friends who have been there for maybe 12-15 years and of course some people who have been at iO since the beginning. Crazy to think how far it's come and how famous and successful some of the performers have become. When I say that I've been hanging out there for 10 years, I mean it. 1 year and about 3 months of classes and student shows. Then 6 months of using my id to keep watching shows. 1 and a half years of being on a team. And now 6 and a half years of just taking pictures and hanging out with friends. I hope the new students currently at iO know how lucky they are to have spent time in this building because to some of us, it is home.

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