Saturday, July 12, 2014

Day drinking

More drinking. But day drinking today. I had planned to go running with Kelly and get in a good 8-10 miles. But the rain started. And I mean a torrential downpour. I happened to go to the gym instead and at the same time as said downpour. My newish running shoes got drenched. I had somehow managed to keep them squeaky clean over the last couple months. But I had to break them in at some point. I headed to Bar on Buena with Tami for some friend time and drinking. Then coffee with Kelly and back home to watch the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family. I meeeean, come on. All Harry Potter movies chronologically all weekend. I couldn't say no. (Also, I have to recommend this beer Stiegl. It tastes like grapefruit juice!! Perfect for summer!)

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