Monday, July 14, 2014

I Don't Hate Mondays

I never really hated Mondays but the anxiety about Mondays that came on Sunday night has made me hate Sundays. Do you get that Sunday anxiety too? I used to have it a lot and then every couple months and rarely ever now. It was mainly just not being able to fall asleep. I would toss and turn dreading another week at work. This happens when the mood of your boss or CEO determines the mood of your whole office. Which I think is bullshit. I can't exactly tell you how my Sunday anxiety (and anxiety in general) stopped but I made a conscious effort to figure out why I was feeling anxious and confront my issues head on. It was mostly ignoring things like my bank account or my emotions (pretending to be happy all the time and not letting myself be in a bad mood). And I just started to relax and mostly, let any work stress roll off my shoulders. It worked.

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