Monday, July 28, 2014

I swear it works

For YEARS, I have said I would watch what I eat and cut out junk and sugar. And I stick to it for a couple days and then give up. But I saw a picture of myself on stage and realized there was a ton of extra weight on my stomach and sides. I hadn't realized it until then. So the next day, I decided no more soft drinks, lattes, late night snacks, cookies, cupcakes, fried food, and also no more bread (I decided this in moderation). And the difference in 3 and a half weeks can be seen below. It's crazy, right? It's just my stomach. That's where I gain almost all my weight. I'm working on building up my abs. I have no interest in a 6-pack but I would like some kind of definition. I say try it for a week, you'd be surprised how little you miss those treats. Also, I'm not hungry all the time! It's great. (And my shoulders/arms look more defined too!)

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