Thursday, July 31, 2014

Is art art?

A nice evening walk with my camera tonight. This first picture is an apartment building behind me! Seems crazy sometimes that there's enough space for all these high rises. This was built in 1920; isn't the entrance so grand?? It almost looks like a church. I looked up the condos and most are around $750k or $1M. Of course, right? I walked along the trail behind my building along inner Lake Shore Drive. I snapped a couple pics while trying to not look creepy. There's usually interesting sculptures and art along the lakefront trail. This circle sculpture below is right by Diversey Harbor. It was built by Dusty Folwarczny. I forget the title of it but I feel sort of indifferent about it and whether it's really art. The last is a sculpture of John Peter Altgeld, who was governor of Illinois back in the late 1800s. There are soooo many statues in Lincoln Park but this one is hidden amongst a bunch of trees and not really visible during the day or night from the street. My neighborhood is a hidden art museum.  

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