Saturday, July 19, 2014

Last Night

The last night at iO, for now. Watched Whirled News Tonight with a full cast. I missed the antics of the Deltones downstairs but I've seen them many many times and haven't caught Whirled News in a while now. I could've stayed to watch Armando or the downstairs show but I was feeling horrible all day. I think I overdid it with my run in the heat. I'm an idiot. So I left around 9:45 and went home and got in bed. I wish I could've stayed the entire night but missing a show and dance party wouldn't have made my time there any more special than it already is. So goodbye 3541 N. Clark! Some people won't miss the insanity of Wrigleyville but I will miss it a ton. Onto the Clybourn Corridor! (That's what it's called right?)

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