Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Needle Power

Acupuncture appointment #3. When Alex (my friend and acupuncturist) asked me how my neck pain was, I suddenly realized that I had felt no pain in probably a week. Unbelievable, right? 3 treatments in and already feeling a result. It's also for my hamstring too. It's been bothering me for over a year and I just ignored it until it got almost unbearable earlier this year. I think it will take a while to heal and I'm sure not running would help but I can't do that since marathon training has just started. But I think treatments will speed up healing. And since treatments are helping, we found a few other problems to address, I've had ringing in my ears for about 3 years now and I also have to use the restroom A LOT. I always have. I'll spare you the details of my other health issues. So take my advice and try acupuncture for any of your health problems. It totally works.

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