Friday, July 04, 2014

Wedding and fireworks

Happy 4th and happy 10 years in Chicago to me! There must be something about this time of year. I have 8 pregnant friends, I've been to 2 wedding in the last 2 months, and a bunch of engaged friends. Today was my friend Andrea's wedding. She is actually my landlord too! They had the ceremony and reception at the Ravenswood Event Center near the Irving Park brown line. I had no idea this place existed! The ceremony was at the top in an open space that reminded me of a greenhouse. Lots of windows all around. Then cocktails and dinner and speeches downstairs in this big space with all these vintage cars. Dancing and cake was upstairs after; I went outside to make a call really quick and when I tried to come back in, the door was locked! I knocked for a bit and waited but I realized nobody was coming and I only had the bride's phone number, who obviously was busy at the time. Sooooo, I decided to go home and run to Diversey Harbor to see the fireworks at Navy Pier, which were teeny tiny and not really worth it from Diversey. Next year, I have to get closer.

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