Monday, August 25, 2014

A sunset and some apes

Another gorgeous sunset today. Seems like the sunsets are prettier in the summer and the sunrises are prettier in the winter. I glanced outside my window and it was dark except for this deep orange glow. It was hard to leave my apt because the Emmys were on. I thought they were pretty great, everyone else was complaining about them online. I guess it doesn't matter how good something is; it can never be perfect as long as we have an outlet to complain. I'm glad Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Bryan Cranston won but sad for Jon Hamm and just plain confused about Jim Parsons. That show sucks and how he won over Ricky gervais and Louie....I will never understand. But enough of my venting, I didn't see the rest of the show because I watched Impress These Apes. this week's challenge was karaoke. The fun part? Everyone did the same song but with a different spin. Some good some bad but they were all interesting. Congrats to Tiff though! She had a great costume, including sparkly lights. I know, right???

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