Friday, August 01, 2014

Fall of Pompeii

Went to Taverna 750 again, this time with my friend Chloe. This drink is the Fall of Pompeii and I'm pretty sure I posted a pic of it last time. Whatever, it was great. I found out my friend is moving back to Texas. And I can't really tell you how many people I know have said "Hey I'm moving! And I'm moving in like 3 weeks." Sigh...... This winter hit everyone hard so people who have been on the fence about moving were definitely pushed to get outta here.  I couldn't imagine leaving this city. Where else would I go. Some friends are suggesting that I buy the apartment I'm living in but it just seems so permanent and such a commitment. Plus, too much money and too much responsibility. I just want to hang out in the city, quit my day job, take photos and do solo shows. Crazy part's totally possible.

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