Saturday, August 30, 2014

Run, coffee, friends, beer, repeat

It was a productive and fun day. I ran 14 miles (although I walked a little bit), met Kyna at Dolce Casa Cafe in Ravenswood and talked a little about stand up and solo ideas and then gossiped some too. Then I met up with my friend Tami in Millennium Park for Jazz Fest. I'm not the biggest jazz fan and luckily she wanted to leave just when I was getting real bored. When a song lasts longer than 10 minutes, I'm automatically bored. We walked to Rock Bottom for beers and food and then home. I wanted to really make a night of it but my long runs drain me of all energy. I was asleep by 11. (I also bought a Coolhaus ice cream sandwich for $5.50 after having a couple beers. And lemme tell ya, it was totally worth it. I mean, I only had a couple bites and left it in the fridge because my stomach can't handle what it used to.)

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