Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Game and A Movie

Woke up feeling heavy and tired and almost postponed my run til tomorrow but thought if mayyyybe I just got up and started to run I would feel better. And I did!! I ran 12 miles this morning. To Soldier Field and back. I relaxed and watched the TCU vs SMU game. Go Frogs! As you can see, it was a CLOSE ONE you guys. SMU never had a chance; I'm not even sure why they still have a football team. Anyways, Tim and I saw A Walk Among the Tombstones this afternoon and I really loved it. I didn't know it was a book (most movies are though). It was more of a thriller instead of a fast paced action movie like Taken. Liam Neeson has really found his niche, who knew. And the bad guys, I won't give away anything, are really great at being bad guys. Go see it.

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