Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hot Doug's

Hot Doug's!!! Today was my last time going ever, before it closes in a few weeks. I took my friend Shawn who has never been. We arrived at 8am and there were already around 50 people in line. So we took a seat and waited. Before they even opened at 10:30, I decided to have Shawn hold our spot while I walked over to Target to use the bathroom and grab some coffee. Discovered a fire station with some cool murals. Then came back right as they opened the door and watched the line move up about 20 feet. We didn't eat until about 12:45 but it was totally worth it. I had the Uber garlic pork sausage with jalapeno havarti cheese. YEAH. Delicious. I will miss Hot Doug's, sure it's just a building (like iO was) but I first went with my friends Adal and Adam when we were all on Stranger For  A Day, my old improv team. My friend Brian took me as a belated bday gift. I took my friend Allyson when she came to visit from Texas. I brought my mom. Tim took me last year as a congratulations for the marathon. And I've brought my dad here twice. And I'm sure there are other times I'm forgetting. It's such good food and even better, Doug is the friendliest guy you'll meet and such a hard worker. He will be missed. Thanks Doug!!

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