Saturday, September 06, 2014

Shiny and new

Long run this morning. I aimed for 16 miles but probably ran about 14 and walked the rest. Damn hamstring. Oh well. I wanted to take a pic of myself just to remember how tan I can get, especially in the dead of winter here. I ended up walking to Old Town after just hangin out at a coffee shop. And I finally visited the new iO. Geez, it is massive! Downstairs is a huge open space with an oval shaped bar. Then 2 big theaters, the kitchen, ticket windows, beer garden, extra tables and couches, and restrooms. Upstairs is 2 more theaters. another smaller bar, rehearsal rooms/classrooms, and more bathrooms. Dang. I watched Dogs and Heraldo (a harold completely in Spanish). And chatted with friends the rest of the night. It's so new and different. Hard to get used to but I'm excited to see it grow.

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