Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Some pain and some healing

Acupuncture again today. I wish my hamstring pain would magically disappear but I know it will take more than magic. I should hang out in Logan Square a little longer but I'm always kind of eager to get home and sit on my butt. I walked past Lula Cafe, which I am dyyying to go to. I ended up hanging at a coffee shop near home and called my mom to catch up. My mom is really the only person I have long phone conversations with anymore, at least 45 minutes every call. We talked about her hospital stay earlier in the year and whole weirdness of it (the fact that she was so sick, how she was pumped full of drugs and had no idea more than 2 weeks had passed, and that she doesn't remember anything when she was on a ventilator). It's to chat about it now and to tell her all the things that happened while she was out cold. A nice reminder that my mom is still here :)

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