Sunday, October 12, 2014

Chicago Marathon!!

A beautiful day for a marathon!! Started around 48 degrees and sunny. Perfect! I left my mom and Carol at Jackson and State to see me at mile 2 and walked over to the runners area. I managed to sneak in 2 trips to the bathroom before the race and didn't even think about going again until mile 11 I think. I felt great until 15 and then I hit a wall. My hamstring was hurting and making my whole leg stiff. And my stomach was a bit uneasy. So I started to run/walk for the rest of the race. Not what I was hoping for but I'm glad my first half of the race went really well. My time at 13 miles was 2:18, which I was really happy with. But my finish time was TERRIBLE. My worst, by far. But who cares at this point. It's my 5th marathon and I finished. I really do think it's time to take a year or 2 off. My body could use the break. But I plan on running a couple half marathons next year. It would be extremely hard to not run a long race. But next year I can grab my camera and find spots in the city to watch the runners, and relax. Thanks to my mom and Carol who flew up here to support me! And to all my friends I spotted along the way. And to everyone who donated to my charity!! Feels good to have 5 marathons under my belt. I worked hard and I earned those medals. Now it's time to pig out and be lazy for the next few weeks.

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