Friday, October 10, 2014

In a frenzy

Today was crazy at work. My boss and the CEO are headed to London tonight and they're flight was delayed a couple hours. Who cares though, they're in first class. But a delay means they're in a bad mood, therefore the rest of us are stressed out. But they left the office and I was home free. I had to rush home to shower and change and then go to McCormick Place (on a Friday at 5:30ish on a kinda holiday and marathon weekend) and then head to Midway and meet my mom and Carol. I was at the expo at McCormick for only about 10 minutes, just to grab my bib, shirt, and a sample of some snacks. I always try to enjoy the marathon expo every year but it's kinda hard with so many people walking around and so many booths with stuff that I don't really want. Snapped this pic of these huge Chicago letters and then I was off to Midway.

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