Thursday, October 02, 2014

No Spoilers

I yelled at a co-worker today. It was totally deserved. And tonight as I started to think about it; I decided to apologize tomorrow morning. Just to be the bigger person. But then I remembered than when I asked for his help with this particular project he basically refused and said "oh, so you want me to do your job for you?" I started to get angry again and decided not to apologize. I made my way to River East to see Gone Girl (it opens tomorrow but they have showings tonight!), which I have been OBSESSED with since reading it last weekend. The characters are so fucked up and interesting and guess what.... I loved it. The movie was very close to the book. A few small changes here and there but nothing huge. I thought Ben Affleck was amazing, a very lovable asshole. And Rosamund Pike....well, damn. I hope she at least gets nominated for an award. She really wrapped herself up in that character, which can't be very easy. I imagine it was also fun. So go see it. 

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