Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I took the Belmont bus home and when I got to Sheridan, the gold light from the sunset was hitting the Sheridan statue perfectly. About a minute later when I got up close to snap a pic, the light had already started to fade so it's not as great as it really looked. Makes me realize how many amazing statues there are in the city AND within a 5 block radius of  my apartment. This is General Sheridan and it was installed in 1923 at the corner of Belmont and Sheridan. On the other end of Sheridan is the Goethe statue at the corner of Diversey, installed in 1913. And my favorite statue(s) in the entire city is the Bowman and the Spearman, 2 almost identical statues at the entrance to Grant Park at Congress Plaza, installed in 1928. It's hard to find a good site with every statue listed, especially because sometimes statue means a fountain or a Calder scupture. I usually just google "statues in Chicago" to help me find them.

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