Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Don't knock it til you've tried it

Went to Logan Square for my acupuncture appointment. So crazy, I've had this cold for a while now and Alex put the needles in my feet, arms and one in the middle of my chest. I laid down and all the sudden.....I could breathe clearly and I fell asleep for 45 minutes and took the best nap ever. So if you ever have any doubts about eastern medicine, DON'T. she also gave me herbs that taste like dirt, but work within an hour or so. Unbelievable. I walked past this mural below, a store called Wolfbait where my friend Meredith Hogeland has some of her prints for sale! Go to her Etsy shop to check them out. Then went to New Wave coffee to hang with Kyna and gossip/exchange sketch and stand up ideas. A good night. I'm feeling better but eager to be back at 100%.

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