Saturday, November 15, 2014

Little of this, little of that

I ventured over to the gym this morning. it's the first day I haven't felt incredibly sick in about 2 weeks. I lasted a little while on the elliptical. Then met up with Kyna for coffee. We tried Heritage Bicycles but it was packed. Duh, Saturday at 11am. So we walked to Starbucks, where it was not packed and the coffee is well below average. We always come up with good sketches while talking. Mostly they are us making fun of ourselves. We do it so well. I went home after because it was so damn cold out and stayed there until dinner with my buddy. We went to The Southern and ohhhh myyyy goodness. So yummy. We started with the hog fries which was a meat in itself and then I had the fried chicken. The place was nice but kinda annoying because the restaurant area is small and there's a bar. Since it was a Saturday night and the Auburn/Georgia game was on, it was pretty loud. But the food was DELICIOUS.

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