Monday, November 24, 2014

Skipped It

Well, I played hooky today. Don't tell anyone. Except, I just told a bunch of people by posting this, soooo whatever. I didn't sleep well and went back to sleep for a couple hours when my alarm went off. I ended up watching a few hours of Frasier because there is nothing else on TV, seriously. But also, I do like Frasier. Since I didn't have to be at my show for 10 hours i decided I would leave once to get coffee. Apparently I picked the perfect day to take off because the weather was horrendous. Windy, sleet, snow, rain, etc etc. I was outside for about 10 minutes and it was the most horrible 10 minutes of my life. I got slapped in the face by sleet many times. But a day of chillin out is what I needed.

1 comment:

Bryan Evans Duff said...

I also like Frasier.

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