Saturday, December 06, 2014

It's the weekend

Still trying to totally recover from this cold/virus/whatever. It's now wreaking havoc on my stomach. Oh well, moving on. I tried the new Peete's coffee today on Clark St. Used to be Caribou but they all closed. I had a latte and it was just ok. The layout and design kinda looked like a Starbucks and the employees were all hipster wannabes and all a little confused and obviously new. And I got to wait behind this fashonable madame in line. Then I met my friend at Annoyance to go see It's Christmas Goddammit! So fun! I saw it last year too. Love the cast. Love the story. Love it. Go see it. I ran over to the Playground to see GayCo's production of Bearly Legal. So many good shows tonight!

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