Monday, January 26, 2015

Makes me giggle

I love it when something goofy makes me laugh, like this slightly dirty name for a lipstick color, Nearly There. It also sounds like a great name for a fancy British porno movie. While we're talking about things that make us laugh, here's a few things that have made me laugh hysterically recently, or just whenever. Hope this cheers up your week!
  • Friends - we find out Phoebe has a roommate, the way Phoebe says Denise kills me
  • Parks and Rec - this Chris Pratt gif is the best thing ever
  • Key and Peele football player names 
  • SNL - Kristen Wiig freaks out over a surprise party 
  • Money Pit - when the tub falls through the floor and Tom Hanks laughs hysterically
  • Beetlejuice - Michael Keaton. Enough said.

1 comment:

Cee said...

Ha! I got a good giggle out of the name of that lipstick - must have been a dull day in the copywriting department that day ;)

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