Friday, January 23, 2015

Who am I doing this for??

Kelly and I took a walk tonight around the neighborhood. It was pretty cold but still felt good to get out and about. I snapped this pic of the North Pond in Lincoln Park. It's partially frozen right now which looks pretty cool. We talked about a lot of things, but mostly boys and feeling comfortable with our weight. I find it really interesting that the guy I was "hanging out with" seemed to lose some interest when I lost weight. I found that a lot of people didn't really care much when I DID lose weight. It was mostly "oh, you always look great. I didn't think you needed to lose any weight before". So then you start questioning the point of losing the weight in the first place. For me, I wanted to get rid of that extra little fat roll around my waist. I cut wayyyyyyyy back on bread, sugar, no cookies or cupcakes, no chips, hardly any soft drinks. And oh man did that fat disappear. Then I had some weird cold/virus for like a month and dropped even more weight. I think about 11 or 12 pounds total. I wasn't planning on those last few pounds but it was exciting to look in the mirror and to see the stomach that I've been wanting for like 15 years. BUT all I could think was "well, now I want to get it even flatter". Does it matter? Or I guess, does it matter to me? In my experience, most guys don't care AT ALL about a girl having some extra weight. So I have to make sure I'm losing weight for myself and not for a guy I like OR to compete with another girl. It's tough out there and I know a lot of girls/women struggle. I love food too much to ever do anything drastic. In fact, tonight I had Wow Bao - 2 baos and a bunch of potstickers. And 2 beers. And a cookie. It's all in moderation though. Except for the weekends :)

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