Sunday, February 08, 2015

Just relax

I didn't wander far from home today either. I woke up feeling tired and like I could possibly sleep another hour or 2 but I got up anyways and it MESSED UP my whole day. I grabbed coffee with Kelly and then went back home to lay in bed and watch TV and periodically fall asleep. I have to remind myself sometimes that it's ok to take a break and that I don't HAVE TO go to the gym every day. I've been super lucky to have a ton of energy the last couple weeks. I've been running, doing the elliptical, boot camp class, and also doing workouts at home. So I'm trying to take advantage of all this extra energy but also recognizing when it's time to rest. I had a show tonight at 9:15 which seems soooo late. After laying around all day, I had to muster the energy to go to the Playground and even then, I had a terrible show. I blame being really tired. yes, that's my excuse.

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