Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Left behind (not the book or movie)

Kelly and I took a walk around the neighborhood. Since getting pregnant and cutting back on hardcore workouts and running,s he walks 5 miles every day and I've been joining her occasionally. gives us time to gossip and chat about life stuff (like we don't do that enough already). It's crazy to think she will have a BABY by this summer. I hope I still see her every week but I know if they move out of the city it will be wayyyy wayyyy less. I'm in that weird spot in my life where I'm one of the only single people left out of my friends. I'm ok with it but it's hard to be ok with it when there aren't many people in the same boat. And I don't necessarily feel left behind or like I'm standing still but it's hard comparing doing a solo show to having a baby :)

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