Thursday, February 12, 2015

Life's rough

I got the keys for my boss's Audi today. They're lucky enough to have our office building provide car wash service for employees who park in the garage. They bill it to your account and add it to the rent. Also, I was blamed for car service that my bosses took earlier this week because sedans were used instead of SUVs and the women had long gowns making it difficult to GET INTO THE SUVs. And today I had to draft a complaint to a restaurant for not having enough lobster (which on one hand seems crazy that 5 star restaurant would run out of lobster BUT also crazy that I have to write this letter). Life is so rough you guys. I tried to calm my stress today with acupuncture at my friend's clinic in Logan Square and then coffee with Kyna at Atomix Cafe. It's a fun little hipstery place that has great coffee and super yummy cookies that are as thick as muffins. Highly recommended!

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