Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A couple tips

So I joined the Dollar Shave Club and I'm so glad I did. $6/month and I get 4 blades. WHAAAAAA?? Since a set of 4 is about $20 now at Walgreens, this is soooo cheap. Mostly because one blade will last me a looooong time. I'm excited to not have to go to Walgreens and press a stupid button and wait from someone to open up a plastic cabinet to get my f'ing razors. COME ON. The website doesn't really specify that it's only for men and when I looked at the FAQs, they said the razors were great for women too. Plus, I feel like these would be even more sensitive since they are for a guy's face. I used mine tonight for the first time. Loooved it. You should join!! I also went to see Kyna do stand up tonight and I almost forgot how all older male comics (well, most of them) only talk about porn, bjs, etc etc. Not only is it kiiiiiiinda sexist but it's boring and not really funny. I mean, hey talk about whatever you want but if it's only dirty and not funny then what's the point. Going blue is just so easy. Too easy. Make your jokes smarter guys. And that also goes for ladies too. I dunno, it may just be my taste just it's just not my thing. 

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