Thursday, March 05, 2015

A fancy evening

 Such a fun night. I ran to the gym after work and then headed over to Uncommon Ground for the Bucket Show. It was so much fun. They held it in the back room of the restaurant and also had full service for drinks and food which was nice. I was fancy and had a Pommy G&T - pomegranate gin and tonic and felt it after a few sips since I drink gin and tonics NEVER. And then had the house baked pretzel ohhhh my god. It was warm and soft and sprinkled with sea salt with beer cheese for dipping. So I did storytelling tonight as part of the show. They had a musician, 2 improv groups, and 2 storytellers. I felt really good about it and the audience seemed to like it. I need to try storytelling more often but it's an art like stand-up, improv, and sketch. And not easy.

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